The Strategic Path LLC

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           Welcome to The Strategic Path LLC.   I am Sam Bleicher, Principal of The Strategic Path LLC, which is the entity through which I conduct my writing, teaching, and consulting activities.  In recent years my work has comprised three primary areas:

                   (1)  writing novels that explore government decision-making in the context of Supreme Court appointments and in response to the destructive effects of global climate change;

                 (2)  teaching a practice course in International Negotiations with Eldon Greenberg, as an Adjunct Professor at Georgetown University Law School, as well as occasional law courses and lectures overseas, primarily in China;

                 (3)  serving as Vice-Chair of the Virginia State Air Pollution Control Board, which adopts air pollution regulations, reviews and approves permits for large or controversial new major sources, and oversees the enforcement of permits

             Although my career has included two decades of private law practice and and over a decade of service as a senior official in state and Federal government, I do not currently provide legal services to clients.  I believe I can be of greater service resolving disputes among parties and advising on strategy and tactics to define and obtain the desired objective.  I welcome your inquiries and look forward to learning about your concerns.