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​             Since leaving the​ Department of State in 2007, I have written 3 novels:

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Guardians of the Solar Shield: 

Earth's Climate Mirrors Under Attack  2029-37



Sam B​leicher

(Strategic Path Press April 2021)

Guardians of the Solar Shield is a story of deception, corruption, romance, and murder in the climate-threatened world of the 2030s.


The task of the UN Solar Shield Project Corps (SSPC) is to manage and safeguard the 480 satellite mirrors that reflect away about 2% of the solar energy coming to Earth. But opportunities for abuse from within and without quickly emerge, leading to unexplained manipulations and life-threatening confrontations in Wuhan, New York, and Moscow.


Pre-release readers have found themselves entertained by the story, enlightened by the underlying climate science, and intrigued by the protagonists' personal and professional dilemmas.


Click on this link to find it on Amazon in paperback or ebook format.



by Sam Bleicher

(April 2019; revised & reprinted May 2020)

Newman Springs Publishing

A National Indie Excellence Awards Finalist


When Dr. Ilsa Hartquist, an outspoken climate scientist, is murdered in June of 2020, investigators are convinced the motive was to end her forceful advocacy of controversial, untested solar geoengineering methods to slow global warming. They are determined to find both the assassin and those who paid for it.

With each passing year, the world suffers from shrinking polar icecaps, recurring floods, and falling agricultural and fishery yields. Worsening destruction disrupts coastal cities and undermines national economies. Governments topple as millions of subsistence farmers and fishermen demand relief. But the world’s leaders are paralyzed, as desires for short-term economic gain eclipse the long-term well-being of humanity. No nation is volunteering to provide significant relocation assistance or take in climate refugees.

Frustrated by the global inaction, a handful of small-state diplomats embark on a rogue scheme to begin a secret solar geoengineering project, ignoring international procedures and institutions. Their project uncovers other surreptitious climate intervention, causing perilous military, political, and diplomatic confrontations that ultimately force world leaders to make fundamental decisions on Earth's future.

Available from your local bookstore, or click here to find it on Amazon    Click here for the Full Press Kit


Appoint​ments: A Novel of Politics

in Our Nation's Capital  (2013)

by David Carmell 

(a pseudonym of Sam Bleicher)

Ambition, manipulation, love, and divided loyalties.

Seizing his opportunity in 2014, Alabama Senator Augustus Williams relentlessly pursues his dream of becoming the South’s first white Supreme Court Justice in decades, using every device at his disposal.


His decade-long quest reverberates across a tangled web of Washington relationships and national politics, with devastating consequences that irreversibly alter his own life, the lives of friends, lovers, and strangers, and the course of history.

Available on Amazon

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