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 Since 2007 I have written two novels:

THE PLOT TO COOL THE PLANET, A Novel, released Earth Day, April 22, 2019

in paperback from local bookstores and in ebook from Amazon and other online sources

APPOINTMENTS, A Novel of Politics in Our Nation's Capital (2013) under the pseudonym David Carmell   

Available on Amazon


    THE PLOT TO COOL THE PLANET, A Novel by Sam Bleicher.

   Newman Springs Publishing (released April 22, 2019)

   A National Indie Excellence Awards Finalist 

                                                  A Notorious Murder

                                        Mounting Ecosystem Disruption

                                            A Rogue Diplomatic Scheme

When outspoken climate scientist Dr. Ilsa Hartquist is murdered in June of 2020, investigators are convinced the motive was to end her forceful advocacy of controversial, untested solar geoengineering methods to slow global warming. They are determined to find both the assassin and those who paid him.

The world Hartquist leaves behind suffers more extreme storms, shrinking polar icecaps, recurring floods, and falling agricultural and fishery yields.  Worsening destruction disrupts coastal cities and undermine national economies. Governments topple as millions of subsistence farmers and fishermen, facing starvation and ruin, demand relief. 

But the world’s leaders are paralyzed, as desires for short-term economic gain eclipse the long-term well-being of humanity.  No nation is volunteering to provide significant relocation assistance or take in climate refugees.

Stunned by Hartquist’s death and frustrated by the global inaction, a handful of small-state diplomats embark on a rogue scheme to begin a secret solar geoengineering project, ignoring international procedures and institutions. The odds of success for their attempt to save their island nations and humanity are low, and the threat to their careers and lives is tangible, but they persist.

Their project uncovers another surreptitious climate intervention, causing perilous military, political, and diplomatic confrontations. The crisis ultimately forces the United States and other world leaders to make fundamental decisions on United Nations governance of solar geoengineering. 

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    Appointments, A Novel of Politics in our Nation's Capital
    (2013)  by David Carmell, a pseudonym of Sam Bleicher 
    Available on Amazon

    Ambition, manipulation, love, and divided loyalties.

    Seizing his opportunity in 2014, Alabama Senator Augustus Williams relentlessly  
    pursues his dream of becoming the South’s first white Supreme Court Justice in
    decades, using every device at his disposal.
    His decade-long quest reverberates across a tangled web of Washington relation-
    ships and national politics, with devastating consequences that irreversibly alter his
    own life, the lives of friends, lovers, and strangers, and the course of history.