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Member and Vice-Chair, Virginia State Air Pollution Control Board (APCB)

June 2014 - November 2018

The APCB has statutory responsibility to adopt air pollution control regulations, review and approve permits for large or controversial sources of air pollution, and oversee the enforcement of its regulations and permits. At the direction former Governor Terry McAuliffe, the Board developed a power plant carbon cap-and-trade program that will allow Virginia to participate with its northern coastal neighbors in the 9-State Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI)

Senior Official, Department of State Overseas Buildings Operations (OBO) 2001-07

Chief Strategist for New Initiatives

Director, New Initiatives Division, Office of Planning & Development

Assistant for Legislative & Business Affairs for the OBO Director

Led the drafting and implementation of the Capital Security Cost-Sharing (CSCS) legislation and regulations that provided $17.5 billion to build secure new diplomatic facilities after 9/11/2001; set up the New Initiatives Division to manage new, high-visibility programs - CSCS, Soft Targets, and Build-To-Lease Projects; created OBO’s performance awards program

Senior Official, National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration 1977-81

-Deputy General Counsel

-Deputy Assistant Administrator for Ocean & Coastal Programs

-Director, Office of Ocean Management

-Special Assistant to the Administrator

Created the Office of Ocean Management and directed programs to manage and protect ocean and coastal resources under the Marine Sanctuaries Act and the Coastal Zone Management Act; participated in treaty negotiations on oceans and environment; testified before Congress on pending legislation and appropriations

Deputy Director for Regulation & Enforcement, Ohio EPA 1972-75

Helped plan, organize, and manage the new Ohio EPA in 1972 as one of 5 members of the Executive Committee. Primary responsibility for

(1) preparing and adopting environmental regulations, issuing permits, enforcing Clean Air, Clean Water, and hazardous waste acts, and

(2) oversight of litigation conducted by the Attorney General’s Office

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