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The Strategic Path LLC, of which I am the Principal, is the entity through which I have conducted my work since leaving the State Department.  In recent years my work has focused on the following areas:

(1) writing three novels (see the NOVELIST page above) that explore government decision-making processes and their consequences in the context of

     (a) a Southern Senator's quest for a Supreme Court appointment

     (b) an alternative future in the 2020s, in which rogue diplomats seek to slow the destruction of their island states from global warming, using solar geoengineering

     (c) an alternative future in the 2030s, in which Officers of the UN Solar Shield Project Corps struggle to protect the 480-mirror solar shield from abuses by insiders and computer hackers

(2) co-teaching a practice course in International Negotiations with Eldon Greenberg as Adjunct Professors at Georgetown University Law School, as well as law courses and lectures overseas, primarily in China, about U.S. legal principles and the science, economics, and law governing climate change

(3) serving as a member of the Board of the Virginia League of Conservation Voters since 2007 and actively participating in the national League of Conservation Voters Climate Victory Council

(4) serving from June 2014 to October 2018 as a Member and Vice-Chair of the Virginia State Air Pollution Control Board, during which time it developed an electric power plant carbon cap-and-trade program that harmonized with the coastal States north of Virginia, allowing Virginia's participation in the 9-State Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI)

My career included two decades of private law practiceh and over a decade of public service as a senior official in both state and Federal governments. I do not currently provide legal services to clients.

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