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Law Professor

Washington, DC – 

Georgetown University Law School Adjunct Professor: Environmental Law (1983, 84): International Negotiations (2008 -  [2020 canceled])

China –

Wuhan University Law School: U.S. Constitutional Law to Chinese law college students, 2018 (2 weeks, 2 credit course)

University of International Business & Economics, Beijing: Climate Change to Chinese students, 2016 (4 weeks, 2 credit course);

National Judges College, Beijing: U.S. Civil Procedure to Chinese judges, 2009 (6 weeks);

Joint Temple/Tsinghua LLM Program, Beijing: Common Law Legal Reasoning and US Civil Procedure to Chinese judges & lawyers, 2007 (16 weeks)


Pericles/ABLE NGO: US LLM program course: Banking & Financial Law in 2012 (12 weeks), and in 2014 (6 weeks);

U. of San Diego Summer Program: Int’l Business Transactions to US law students 2007 (5 weeks)

United States –

U. of Virginia Law School            Visiting Professor 1981, 1984; Adjunct 1982-84

U. of Missouri Law School          Visiting Professor 1969-70

U. of Toledo College of Law        Professor 1966-76 (tenured in 1972)

Environmental law, international law, constitutional law, property law. Prepared original course materials on International Environmental Law. 

Published lead articles in Harvard Law Review, Stanford Law Review, Ecology Law Quarterly, and the American Journal of International Law

Lectures in China  (Beijing, Shanghai, Zhengzhou, Kaifeng, JHU Nanjing, Wuhan ) and India (Chandigarh, IIT Endore) on International Economics & WTO; the US Legal System; and US Environmental Law & Global Climate Change

Education - JD, Harvard Law School; BA, Northwestern University, Phi Beta Kappa and Honors in Economics



"The Law Governing Exploitation of Polymetallic Sulfide Deposits from the Seabed," in ESSAYS IN HONOR OF LOUIS B. SOHN (1984)

An Overview of International Environmental Regulation, 2 Ecology L. Q. 1-90 (1972)

Nonviolent Action and World Order, 29 Intl. Organization 513-33 (1975)

The New American Foreign Policy, Vista (United Nations Association of the US) pp. 36-39, 54 (January/February 1972)

UN v. IBRD: A Dilemma of Functionalism, 24 Intl. Organization 31-47 (1970)

The Legal Significance of Re-Citation of General Assembly Resolutions, 63 Am. J. Intl. L. 444-78 (1969), and Note, 62 Am. J. Intl. L. 145 (1968)

The Sabbatino Amendment in Court: Bitter Fruit, 20 Stan. L. Rev. 858-69 (1968)

ICJ Jurisdiction: Some New Considerations and a Proposed American Declaration, 6 Columbia J. Transnational Law 61-89 (1967)


The Mercury-Containing and Rechargeable Battery Management Act of 1996: A New Direction in Recycling, 27 BNA Env. Rep. 652 (July 26, 1996)

Redefining the CERCLA Liability of Former Owners, Tenants, and Operators, 7 Toxics L. Rep. 224-31 (July 15, 1992)

Regulation of Pollution: Is the System Mature or Senile? 10 Va. Environmental L.J. i-vi (1991)

Reflections on the Failure of NOAA's Ocean Management Office, 11 Coastal Zone Management J. 353-67 (1984)

Caveat Emptor: The Impact of Superfund and Related Laws on Real Estate Transactions 14 Environmental L. Rep. 10017-24 (January 1984)                                 (co-author, Benjamin G. Stonelake, Jr.)

The Battle Over Ocean Dumping, 12 Environ. L. Rep. 15032-37 (October 1982)

The Clean Air Act As A Testing Ground For Federalism, Environmental Control Newsletter Natl. Assn. of Attorneys General, Vol. 4, #8, pp. 20-29 (August 6, 1976)

Energy and the Environment – Introduction, Discovery (University of Toledo College of Law) Vol. 7, #1, p. 2 (1976)

Economic and Technical Feasibility in Clean Air Act Enforcement Against Stationary Sources 89 Harvard L. Rev. 316-54 (1975)



Is China Heading for Collapse?, Foreign Policy In Focus (September 13, 2011), republished as China's Decline - a US Challenge, Asia Times Online

Hu Jintao Wants Deeper Legal Reform; American Lawyers Point to the Wrong Model, U.S.-Asia Law Institute, NYU Law School (August 26, 2009)

China and the Financial Crisis, Foreign Policy In Focus, (November 18, 2008), republished as US Template Wrong for China, Asia Times Online

Middling Kingdom: The Paper Panda, ELI Environmental Forum, Vol. 25, No. 6 (November/December 2008)

China: Superpower or Basket Case?, Foreign Policy in Focus, (May 8, 2008), reprinted in Rourke, Ed., TAKING SIDES: Clashing Views in World Politics, McGraw-Hill (14th ed. 2009)

       Energy and Environment

Lessons For Corporate Leaders from the Death of the Atlantic Coast Pipeline, Roanoke Times (September 10, 2020)

Climate Change, Like the Coronavirus, Requires Hard Choices and Leadership, Washington Post (April 2, 2020)

Virginia Can’t Reach Its 2050 Climate Goal If It Keeps Allowing Natural Gas Infrastructure, Virginia Mercury (September 24, 2019)

Approaching Climate Change With Caution: How has our knowledge of climate breakdown changed over time, and what is it that's tempering our language and inhibiting decisive action?, The Ecologist (May 1, 2019)

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