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Law Professor

Washington, DC –  

Georgetown University Law School Adjunct Professor:  International Negotiations (fall semesters 2008-18), Environmental Law (1983-84)

China –  

Wuhan University Law School: U.S. Constitutional Law to Chinese college students, 2018 (2 weeks, 2 credit course)

University of International Business & Economics: Climate Change to Chinese students, 2016 (4 weeks, 2 credit course);

National Judges College: U.S. Civil Procedure to Chinese judges, 2009 (6 weeks); 

Joint Temple/Tsinghua LLM Program: Common Law Legal Reasoning and US Civil Procedure to Chinese judges & lawyers, 2007 (16 weeks)

Russia  – 
Pericles/ABLE NGO: US LLM program: Banking & Financial Law 2012 (12 weeks),  2014 (6 weeks); 
U. of San Diego Summer ProgramInt’l Business Transactions to US law students 2007 (5 weeks)     

U. of Virginia Law School           Visiting Professor  1981, 1984;  Adjunct 1982-84

U. of Toledo College of Law      Professor  1966-76 (tenured in 1972)

U. of Missouri Law School          Visiting Professor  1969-70

Taught environmental law, international law, constitutional law, property law.  Prepared original materials on International Environmental Law.  Lead articles in Harvard L. Rev., Stanford L. Rev., Ecology L. Q., and American J. of International Law

Lectures in China (Beijing, Shanghai, Zhengzhou, Kaifeng, JHU Nanjing, Wuhan ) and India (Chandigarh, IIT Endore) - International Economics & WTO; US Legal System; US Environmental Law & Global Climate Change

Education  -  JD, Harvard Law School;  BA, Northwestern University, Phi Beta Kappa, Honors in Economics